Future InvestEngine plans

Just wondered if anyone knows the plan for the next few years for InvestEngine updates. For example will you offer more products in the future and will dark mode come to the app?


Hi @samlang We are constantly adding on to our offering and as such greatly appreciate customer feedback and suggestions. Dark mode has now been released on web(App version coming soon). We recently invited customers to vote for ETFs they would like added to our ETF range and from that we will be adding the 10 most voted for ETFs in the 2nd week of September. See Link below.

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I would like REIT’s to be available in the future. For example Realty Income. Controversially steering away from ETF’s but I like the income from REIT’s.

will you ever add limit orders?

Hello @samlang! We do not have the option to limit a buy order. InvestEngine works on an aggregated, once a day trading model. I will pass on your proposal to the Development Team, who will consider adding this feature to our Product Roadmap. Thank you again for the feedback.

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Hello @Rishi!
We want to inform you, that ETFs are not allowed to invest in bricks and mortar, hence all property ETFs are property companies. REITs are a completely different structure. So, InvestEngine offers property ETFs (which invest in property companies) not REITs.

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Although it’s always nice to know what price I’m paying, I understand the reasons behind aggregating the orders. This is, after all, a low cost platform and as long as the prices aren’t wildly higher than expected then my long-term investments shouldn’t noticeably suffer.

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I echo this sentiment. I’m all for costs being kept low and a focus on improving core features over having a huge range of “nice to haves”.

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The most important thing is that InvestEngine is sustainable over the long term and I’m sure it will be. The product on offer is exceptional in my humble opinion. It’s everything a long term investor like myself could need to invest globally. The reports are much better than the fintech competition also.

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Will there be better 2fa? The community account has better protection than my actual investments like using an authentication app.

Hi @samlang Currently we use SMS for our 2FA. This may change in the future to use 3rd party software e.g. Google authenticator but unfortunately we can’t give a date when it will released, we’re working on it atm.

Hello being a account holder who uses a screen reader this comment about third party software sent a shiver down my spine. I hope that any solution will be tested for #a11y issues as some third party software has meant i have to leave the service as they just do not bother to test. IE have so far been excellent in this regard and i have found no problems with either the app on ios or the web interface, so please keep this fine tradition going.

Hi @woodside I will pass along your sentiment to the devs team to be mindful of users who use a screen reader. I can assure you that testing is always done on updates before release. :slight_smile:

Can I ask whether there are plans for the portfolio allocation tool to allow 1 or 2 decimal places? Thanks.

So I understand your question, can you explain a bit more what improvement you’d like to see on our managed portfolio?

Interesting point @sjdimelow

We’ve deliberately chose to show no decimals on the tool at the moment for 2 reasons;
1) Simplicity - We think it looks less daunting to less experienced investors
2) Assets price volatility - With ETF fund prices moving all the time and bid-offer spreads, assets can easily swing by 0.1% of portfolio. We only trade once a day, so our view was adding dp wasn’t helpful.
3) £100 portfolio min - a minor point but as our portfolio min is £100 and the smallest allocation is 1% we keep each stock holding to at least £1 and we don’t have portfolios with really small 10p holdings which would be a pain especially when you think about dividends etc.

That said I could see the argument for adding 0.5% increments too the allocation too.
@sjdimelow - Keen yo here your thoughts. Does the above make sense? would you add 0.5% increments?

I would appreciate having 0.5% increments. Some of my holding sit at 4% of the portfolio and this means there can be a tracking error of over 10% (as need to round up or down to nearest whole number). 0.5% increments would help reduce this to only 5% error :slight_smile:


Another idea for a feature that would be really useful. My portfolio is a combination of multiple ETFs. Since invest engine knows what companies make up each of those ETFs, it would be really useful to know if there are companies that show up in more than one of the ETFs in my portfolio (basically ones I’m doubled up on). This would help significantly with ETF selection.

Assuming since invest engine already have this data it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement!

Thank you for your suggestion! I will pass it on t our Development team so they could consider to include this feature to the product’s roadmap

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