[Request] Ability to specify end date / value for Savings Plan

Brief feature request…

When setting up a Savings Plan, it’d be great to be able to define when you want the regular savings to end (much like I would when setting up a standing order with my bank). For example:

  1. Set a total amount. I only want to add a certain amount to my S&S ISA this year. I also invest in a Lifetime ISA, so I need to stop adding contributions to IE at a certain total value, to ensure I don’t over-subscribe.

  2. Set a total number of transfers. Similar in purpose to the above.

  3. Set an end date. I’d like to set an end date for the savings plan at 2-3 weeks prior to the end of the tax year, allowing me to make manual decisions on how to close out the tax year.

Of course, I could just put a reminder in my calendar to cancel it manually, but automating an end to the savings plans would be a fantastic little feature.

Hello Peter!
Thank you for your suggestion.
I have forwarded it to the relevant team to look into the possibility of making relevant changes on our platform!