Retirement Forecasting Website

I found this website, which looks like it is meant for Financial Advisors, but they allow 1 customer for free. So setup myself as the FA and the Customer.

It allows you put in my GIA, ISA, SIPP what they are in, when I would like to retire and how much I want to retire on per year and show you the forecast, if your likely to run out of money. It is really good, as it easy to play with the figures

If anyone else have other sites, please mention them.


Interesting, thanks!

Brilliant find @jamesc. That is a really nice and very usable site with lots of customisable parameters to massage to suit your circumstances and ambitions. Free too - fantastic.

I have seen a few similar sites before, mostly plucked from FIRE community chats. But this one feels far superior to me.

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I’ll take a look. Best I’ve found previously is

Guiide looks okay, but does not ask about an ISA. I currently have about 250k in S&S ISA and 250k in Pension. So the good thing about the other site, it showed my how I could retire before I can start drawing down on my Pension, by using the ISA and that is CGT free.

£250 in an ISA is impressive. How much of that was from growth versus contributions.

I was with HL for 11 years when I followed what a Financial Advisor advised and it earnt 70%. With the March 2021 lockdown I decided to learn more about finance and learnt about Index Funds, so ISA and SIPP transferred early July (takes a while because they have to go through checks) and currently at 10.92% and that is with the recent volatility

If I just had them in the VUSA, like they are now, they would have done better in 5 years, then what they did with the Financial Advisor in 11 years. So I am glad I have learnt about Index Funds.

At the time of writing this I am at 281K in Pension and 279K in ISA. The timeline website is really good, because it shows me how I can retire early before I can touch the SIPP, by using the ISA.