S&S ISA Question - Re-investing Proceeds

I’ve got a single S&S ISA with IE which is currently split between two separate ETFs, let’s call them ETF1 and ETF2.

I’d like to sell my holdings in ETF2 and put the proceeds into ETF1 so that the entire ISA value is invested 100% in ETF1 only.

Let’s say I’m selling £5k from ETF2, will this re-investment count towards my ISA allowance or does cash from investments sold within the ISA wrapper not count towards the limit when re-invested?

Hopefully the answer is that it doesn’t count towards the limit. If so, is it as simple as selling the holdings in ETF 1, waiting until the cash shows as available and then purchasing holidings in ETF 2?


It doesn’t count towards the limit. You can sell and buy freely within the ISA without using up any of the allowance. It would only be if you took the cash out of the ISA completely and then put it back in that it would count towards the ISA allowance in the year.

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Thanks! Thought as much but worth checking.