Self-Invested Personal Pension / SIPP

I’m eagerly awaiting a SIPP to be added. I know of others who will move across once SIPPs are available.


Transfer existing pensions

ETFs only

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Personally, I would like to be able to have in-specie transfers implemented. Also support for Investment Trusts would be very useful. I have some REITs with other platforms as I could not find any ETF which are specific to residential property.

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Hi @francis1981 , we have rolled out in-species transfers for ISA transfers, and very soon releasing it for GIA accounts also.

Happy investing!

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Just wondered if you intend to offer SIPP investing in the next couple of months? InvestEngine have done a great job with S&S ISA’s and I’m confident it would be the same with SIPP. I would love to know more about future plans? Thanks in advance

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Morning : )

We hope to have SIPPs by this summer. I can’t give an exact date yet, but it is being worked on and we will let you know more on here as soon as we have a date!

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Looks like the schedule got a bit of a boost from the spring budget :laughing:


@PaulGichemi When will SMGB ETF be added? When is the next round of ETF addition Vote for new DIY ETFs!
I plan to transfer SIPP holding SMGB to IE when SIPP is launched.

@tom.winterton I would be interested to transfer SIPP OEICs Mutual funds in spices . If IE would get Origo (electronic transfer system) , pension transfers can be completed within days.

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Any update on this? I have a former workplace pension I’d like to transfer if so!

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Hi, we can’t always give an exact time frame as to when new features will be released, but please be assured, that we are working on launching SIPPs and will definitely let all our clients know when it’s live.

Any more updates on when you will be launching SIPPs? Would you allow part transfers from an existing workplace pension scheme (Scottish Widows)?

Hi, we expect SIPPs to be released during the summer months, however, we still cannot estimate the exact date, please keep an eye on our Community for updates.

As for the transfers mentioned, our Development team will be notified about your suggestion and will consider adding it to our roadmap.

Many thanks for your questions and have a great day!

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Just to echo earlier comments. One of the key things for me would be the minimum direct debit and single payment amounts. My son’s Junior SIPP with Fidelity will be turning into a regular adult SIPP soon. I’d like to move it but I’d need a low minimum payment to make it work. Too many places want £100 monthly / £500 lump sum minimums. Just not possible for everyone - especially 18 year olds.

@EMCG67 You will be pleased to know we have also introduced savings plans, which allow you to contribute as low as £10 at flexible intervals, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Our minimum portfolio investment amount is only £100.

Thanks, Paul. Will these low limits also apply to the SIPP when it’s lauched?

@EMCG67 - We’re aiming to make the SIPP as accessibly as possible. So yes, we’ll have very low limits.

We’re working through the details / development at the moment. I hope to be able to share more details in the next month or so

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Apologies for more questions but will there be a Junior SIPP offered at launch alongside the regular SIPP? Thanks.

We won’t have a Junior SIPP at launch but its good to hear the demand is there! This is something we’re considering as a fast follow up launch after we’ve got the main SIPP up & running.

Is the SIPP on track for launch w/c 8th January 2024?

As a preferred order of priority on future products:

  1. LISA - as this comes with the Gov. Bonus.
  2. JISA
  3. JSIPP

I would have preferred to see the LISA before the SIPP personally but certainly as the prioritised next product - given there is still a few months to the end of the tax year to get the current FY’23/24 bonus.