Smart ETF Portfolio

Smart Portfolios

I’ve recently started investing with InvestEngine and created a Smart ETF Portfolio.
This portfolio consists of just 5 ETFs using the Core and Satellite strategy.

Using HMWO (All-World ETF) as the core, around 70% and 4 others to supplement and diversify.

While the core (HMWO) is down 7.4%, gold has been on a rip lately as I’m up 14.73%, sadly this position (SGLN) only represents 3% of the portfolio.

How has others set up their portfolios?


S&P 500 Energy, IUES. It is doing very well.

I am going to put some into Bloomberg Commodities next.


Definitely would make sense with these prices. Not sure if the price of oil will drop any time soon. The energy position is definitely smart in this current climate. Energies coupled with commodities is a good way to play both of the same side.

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The other one I hoping to invest in, is UD07 UBS ETFs Bloomberg Commodity CMCI SF UCITS ETF

But not on IE at the moment, and hard to find anything similar. So might stick with S&P 500 and S&P 500 Energy for the moment, and put some in iShares Physical Gold

Thank you

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