No longer showing “coming soon” ETFs?

Hi - I’ve noticed that InvestEngine have stopped showing “coming soon” ETFs on the “ETF range” section of the website. Is there a change to the roadmap? Can we expect fewer new ETF releases?


Though I am not aware of the change, but I personally do not think you need a lot of ETFs to choose from. Most of them perform just more or less the same in the long run as long as they are of the same theme. I would rather InvestEngine spending more effort on marketing to get a stronger income base to sustain.


Hi @Christopher - The “coming soon” we’re on our ETF range page which had a bit of an update. There’s no change to plans.

The range page was previously static data, we’ve updated it so it’s now the same as the ETF universe on the App & make things a bit more unified.

We are working through an improvement to trade settlement at the moment (mentioned here).
But we’ll be looking to add new ETFs once this is ironed out. I can’t give any timelines at the moment as there are a few moving parts to the project but will keep you posted.


Hi Tom,
I have been waiting many months already for some ETFs that they were still in the status of “Coming Soon” the last time I checked it. These are the following ones:
IE00B5V94313 - Ishares Germany Govenment Bond
IE00BSKRJZ44 - Ishares $ Treasury Bond 20+ Year
IE00B6YX5L24 - SPDR Bloomberg Barclays 15+ Year Gilt
IE00BK5MT033 - Ishares $ Treasury Bond 20+ Year

Is there any deadline to have them included?

For me these ETFs are vital in order to put in practice the Permanent Portfolio investing strategy and if they are not included, I’m afraid I will need to find another provider that has Bonds with long term horizon among their portfolio.

Thank you very much!


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That’s quite a strong statement, Let’s be fair, there are ETFs that I’d like to have in my portfolio, but there aren’t any that I need to have in order to be successful.

For example, I’d love to have SPED, but I’m not sure my portfolio is materially suffering from not being invested in it.


For the Permanent Portfolio investing strategy, to have ETFs for bonds with long duration and maturity is essential and there are no other alternative ETFs that have bonds with maturity longer than 20 years.
So, that strategy is not possible yet in InvestEngine.
Even there are no ETFs related to German bonds for instance.

Noting your comments @JosebaDZN and appreciate the frustration.
Let me discuss this internally, we’re balancing priorities on our side. I’ll come back to you on this.

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Thank you very much for your consideration @tom.winterton.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hi @JosebaDZN

Just to let you know we’ve decided to start adding some of those “Coming soon” ETFs.

We can’t add all the funds straight away, so we thought it best to let people vote and we’ll add the most requested funds next. You can vote for yours via the post below;

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