Spot Bitcoin ETF

Institutions such as ishares, Fidelity, Invesco as well as ARK and Bitwise, among others are (very likely) going to be given the green light by the SEC for a SPOT Bitcoin ETF ( after 10 years of applications!).
Normally when the Institutions get ready to dump financial products on unsuspecting retail investors, it’s a signal the price is going to go down.
NOTE: ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO), based on bitcoin futures, amassed around $1.5 billion in the 30 days after its introduction in October 2021.
Discuss the viability of SPOT Bitcoin ETF’s. Is it a good investment and should InvestEngine be offering SPOT Bitcoin ETF’s?

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Afaik, IE only offers UK listed ETFs, so I assume that rules out these new Bitcoin ETFs which will all be US listed.

Setting that aside, I wouldn’t touch it as a long term investment in my ISAs or SIPP but would be open to speculate using the volatility of a Bitcoin ETF on a normal trading account using a very small amount of money that I’d be ok losing. And if I did that long enough, I’d expect to eventually wipe out what I started with!

I would like to get around 2-5% of my portfolio into crypto. But would only trust an ETF from a major institution - don’t want anything to do with the likes of Binance or

Probably more towards the 2% end. I don’t have any expectations for crypto. For me it would just be idiot insurance incase it blows up.

Hey! Currently, we offer only ETFs traded in GBP on the London Stock Exchange.
But we’re looking into expanding our ETF options, and we’ve got our eyes on the Bitcoin ETF excitement.
Your feedback matters, so feel free to keep us posted here on the Community page.

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Crypto ETFs are not allowed in the UK as per this link.