Transferring IN from mutual fund?

Hi. I want to transfer my ISA from Hargreaves. My current holding are Vanguard life strategy (which you don’t have). What is the most efficient way for me to transfer? I’d like to buy an ETF like VWRP or even one of the managed folios? I want to minimise how long I’m out the market.

Would it be easiest if I sold my holdings on HnL and bought an ETF before, so that I could do in specie? This would come with a cost is all…


Hi. Just thought I’d share my experience to give you an idea.

I transferred my ISA from HL to IE last year. You dont have to sell anything, as HL will automatically sell your mutual fund holdings and transfer the cash to IE.

In my case, I held mutual funds such as Legal & General US Index and the UK Index. These were sold and then the cash landed in my IE account.

I’m not sure if i just got lucky because I’ve heard it taking much longer for others, but in my case the whole process only took 11 days!

Thanks Tom. What I’m trying to establish is how long I will be “out the market” if I do what you did. If it’s more than a day or two I would prefer to shift around my HnL holdings into ETFs then make the switch in specie…anyone else know the protocol?

I can’t speak for specifically HL-IE but from past experience with other providers, it’ll almost certainly be more than a day or two in cash. So if you want to minimise the time out of market, what you suggested might be best - switch to an ETF and then an in-specie transfer.

Have a looksee here - IE states that “ISA transfers should be completed within 30 days.”