Feature Request - Delete/Hide Unused Portfolios


I am pretty sure this has been mentioned before, but I would love to have the ability to hide/delete unused portfolios from the home screen.

I have an enpty portfolio that is just sat there and it would be nice to be able to get rid of it.

I’m sure there must be others that have created many portfolios and now frustrated they’re stuck with them all.

What are people’s thoughts on this?


I talked to invest engine about this, they said it’s a legal requirement not to delete portfolios which has a transaction in it. But they said they will introduce a feature to hide portfolios which is not used in the future, but they couldn’t give a timeframe.

That makes sense.

I guess I just meant to delete it from the home screen, not delete all records of it. We could still find it in our transactions history, for example.

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Yes they will introduce it. Below is the exact response from InvestEngine.

Please be advised that, due to FCA anti-money laundering regulations, we are unable to delete portfolios that have been previously traded or funded.
We will be releasing a feature that will allow clients to ‘Hide’ portfolios that are empty, and they no longer wish to have displayed on their InvestEngine account dashboard. However, as the process involves complexities in development, we don’t have a specific timeframe for the availability

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This has been promised for at least a year, maybe more. It’s really frustrating. I considered moving elsewhere for a while because it bugged me so much, but I still consider IE the best on the market, even if their delivery time is so slow.

I struggle to understand why delivering on these things is so hard, it seems like easy script to develop for the app and they certainly have the skill set. There’s been very little app development in the last year or so, which is a shame because early on there were frequent updates to the user experience.

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Whilst I’ve been asking for a total % +- feature on the dashboard for a while I’m content to wait. I think that as the platform functions well and is ‘free’ I’d prefer the essentials to be ok before any extras, that I can source elsewhere eg Google finance et. al. become available


I’d be very happy to have this feature too.
From a software development perspective, hiding something from the UI must be very simple to implement.


It is really nice platform but in my case I need an option to hide unused portfolios and it would be fantastic to have Junior ISA. I’ve waited for months IE to open it but still not. I opened JISA now with HL.

Hi and thanks for your feedback! JISA is on our roadmap, I can confirm that.
We are now fully focused on launching SIPP transfers, so I can’g give any specific timeline, I’m afraid, but please be assured that we are aiming to add JISA at some point in the future!


Thanks mate. Now I’ll open a SIPP with you. If you have JISA in 2024, I would transfer it to you as well. I love your platform and it is nice to have all investing tools in one place.

Hi! At the moment, we do not offer JISAs on our platform.
However, I’m glad to hear that you are considering opening a SIPP with us.
Regarding Junior ISAs, it’s indeed on our product roadmap for future development.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Thanks much for the response. I hope it will be this year as well:)

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