Timing of Orders

I often submitted orders first thing in the morning e.g. 8am UK time.

I’m finding the execution of orders from InvestEngine isn’t happening the same day. So I’m trying to get more certainty on when orders will execute.

What is your experience?

I always place my orders I the morning as well and they update as completed by 9pm when I check. I know they execute earlier but that’s when I check.

Today is the 1st time my morning orders have not completed by the end of the day and are still pending. Hopefully they will go through tomorrow.

Would like to know if this is an error or will happen regularly?

UPDATE: My orders had gone through on the same day and have updated this morning. The percentage gain or loss seems to take some time to correct itself in the individual investment tabs, taking into account the most recent deposits. They always seem slightly off as a monetary gain can be shown as a percentage loss.

Loving the fractional investing in to my desired weights and everything else so thank you IE Team :blush::pray:t4:



We execute orders (submit them for trading) during the trading window once a day on a business day (excludes weekends and bank holidays).

We trade at approximately 3:15 pm. If you place your orders before the start of the trading window (prior to 2:30 pm) they will go through the same day, otherwise, it will be the following day at approximately 3:15 pm. Please make sure to place your orders prior to 2:30 pm to ensure same-day execution.