Using InvestEngine with accountancy software such as FreeAgent


I am a contractor in the UK who uses FreeAgent as my accountancy software. I am looking to start using InvestEngine to earn some interest on the cash sitting around waiting for my corporation tax and VAT. I wanted general advice on how others in a similar situation are accounting for their InvestEngine portfolio as I can’t seem to find anyway to automatically track the portfolio in accountancy software i.e no integrations or a bank account numbers that could be tracked.

Thanks in advance

So far as I know there are no integration tools as such. However, you can create certain fixed reports and they can export as a PDF or for some reports as a CSV file. I use Excel and I have created a main Excel file which can extract data from the csv files. Perhaps FreeAgent can import data from a csv file.
Of course if you are just using InvestEngine as a deposit account (presumably using a Money Market ETF) then it might be easier to manually input the daily value from the InvestEngine App or website into FreeAgent.

I have created an account in FreeAgent similar to bank account.
Importing transactions using csv file to FreeAgent.

(Source: Business investing – your questions answered)

Ok yeah that makes sense… a little annoying but not too bad of a solution! Is it easy enough get the descritpions to match to FreeAgent types/codes…did you have to set any up manually or anything? I know FreeAgent has an api for upload will see if InvestEngine has one also (think its via TrueLayer) and build some integration myself