VanEck Gold Miners ETF

I would love to see the VanEck Gold Miners ETF (GDGB) added to the range.

The Junior Gold Miners version (GJGB) is available which I have nothing against but is a more speculative and risky fund.

Don’t know how others feel about this but seems strange to have the junior miners fund and not the more generic one.

Why? if you want global gold miners, the “iShares Gold Producers” ( SPGP ) is available. Its a larger fund than GDGB, so should be more liquid. Top 10 holdings are comparable to GDGB, although there is some variation in percentages.

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Good point well made. Somehow I completely missed this so thanks for the heads up.

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As far as ETFs go, these are all on the riskier side. Simply because they don’t hold many equities.

The expense ratio is also relatively higher.

I’d love to see an ETF with far more equities and a much lower expense ratio - then I’d open a small position because the industry is beaten down and I expect a turnaround when interest rates start to subside.

Hi, thank you for your ETF suggestion. I will forward it to the relevant team to consider adding it to the platform. We cannot give any precise data for adding new ETFs, but we will post updates here and on social media once the new assets are added.