More Currency-hedged Japan Equity ETFs

I would like to see more Japanese Equity ETFs added to the available range. Currently the only one has an extremely high TER

There are quite a few Japanese equity ETFs. Which one are you referring to with a hugh TER?

There is Amundi Prime Japan, which has a TER of 0.05%. Cant really get a much lower TER than that.

I was referring to IJPH with 0.64& TER as it is the only GBP hedged (non-esg) japan equity index tracker.

Looks like there are only 9 GBP hedged Japan equity ETF’s including ESG (according to JustETF) - outside of iShares and Wisdomtree the funds are pretty small size, so if IE do introuce them watch out for potentially long settlement timescales and the funds potentially closing if they don’t reach scale.

Hi! I’ll pass your ETF suggestion on to the relevant team. Are there any particular ETFs that you are interested in?

Apologies, i missed the GBP hedged part of your question.

Thanks for the help, doesn’t look like the wisdomtree one will do for me. Just odd that they ommit Sony from the etf. Does anyone know why?

WisdomTree use their own index that has a quality and momentum filter. So, my guess is that Sony does not meet the quality and momentum criteria to be included.