We've been busy!

It’s been a month since the end of the tax year, and it has been busy!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve doubled our customer numbers, solved hundreds of your queries and completed our crowdfunding round in just 8 days!

Our core focus remains on you, our customers, and giving you the number one platform to grow your wealth.

You may have noticed some changes recently, unfortunately we had to remove our telephone service and live chat to enable us to deal with as many of your queries as quickly and efficiently as possible, we will review this again in the coming months. However, we’ve been making strides with streamlining our customer support efforts, expanding the team and launching our Help Centre Help.InvestEngine.com to help give you the answers you need, and we will continue to focus on making improvements across the board here.

We’ve also taken a lot of your feedback on board in terms of improving the app and website, you can now delete your own portfolios, cancel pending transfers, receive automated payment for your referral bonuses, plus a lot lot more under the hood and plenty more to come!

Hopefully these changes will give you a much cleaner experience and we can focus on what we do best. Giving you unbeatable value and innovative features to help you make the most of ETF investing.

Looking at the markets, 2022 continues to present challenges for investment returns. Whilst sudden corrections can be alarming, they are part of investing. Our investment team maintain their long-term philosophy and we are pleased that our Managed portfolios remain ahead of their respective benchmarks in these turbulent times. You can read more on this from our investment team here.

If you have any feedback, we’d love to know what you think. Here’s a link to a survey where you can share any views you may have: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/InvestEngine-May22

We’re a dynamic team and your feedback will be listened to and will help to shape the future of InvestEngine for you.

Thanks for your continued support and all the best with your investing,