What does InvestEngine do?

InvestEngine helps you invest in a way that suits you. Whether you want to choose and manage your own investments, or leave it to our experts, we offer great‑value services that give you the power to build your long‑term wealth.

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I’m starting my ISA journey with InvestEngine in April. I love the fact I can set my target weights of ETF’s and just keep adding money. Maybe rebalancing once a year. It’s a stress free life time of investing.
I would just like to know that InvestEngine can make money. I will have a DIY portfolio in an ISA. I hope It’s profitable for InvestEngine as I want them to be around forever!
Appreciate the FCA / FSCS :+1:t3:
Having tried out the GIA for a few months have to say it’s superb and the support is great.


@Rishi - Appreciate the post. Great to hear your comments re target weights/rebalancing.

We’ve got lots more planned on our roadmap to profitability. There are going to be more details coming out shortly, along with info on crowdfunding round at the start of April!


Hi Tom
That’s great to hear. Appreciate the response.
I really believe in the InvestEngine product and exciting times ahead I’m sure.