What's Your Longest "Awaiting settlement" Transaction?

Posted Date: 15th August

Purchase of 0.005754 JP Morgan USD Ultra-Short Bonds @ £86.44. External Ref = IO00259857

Still waiting on 7th September…

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Hi @markl23 . Could you kindly submit a request to our support team who will be able to look into your unsettled trade and advise? Please be assured unsettled trades is something we have prioritised as a business and will soon be an issue of the past.

I appreciate your good intentions and undoubted efforts, but this has been going on for a r e a l l y long time now …

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Hello @dlp6666,

A late settlement can occur to any investment provider, but we’d like to assure you that we are constantly working with our counterparties to ensure timely settlement of stock.

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