Accessibility of service

Hello All
This post is to provide a thread to discuss the accessibility of the IE service.

I use a screen reader and an iphone to access the platform and find the website and app quite accessible.

There are some holes but these are easily overcome
for example when adding cash to your account the desktop option is not accessible but the option to add via your nominated account is.

I realize that this post is going to be of interest to a very small audience but thought it was worth posting.

from a blind app developer

Hi @woodside,

Thanks for the posting about your experience. Glad that overall you find the website and app quite accessible. That said, if we can do better we’ll absolutely look at what we need to do!!

When you say the “desktop option” - Are you referring to the Manual Transfer option?
I’ll drop you a direct message too as it might be easier to get some of the details off the forum.

Also call out to anyone else experiencing these sorts of issues - let us know.

Hello Tom
Thanks for the reply
I can not reproduce the problem.
The elusive screen had the following items on it
a QR code to scan with the app
and a button to continue on desktop.

The desktop button is the problem but as i can not reproduce it i can ot provide any details
apart from some ramblings from memory

As stated before this is not a problem as the alternative methods work.

The open banking is not a option i have explored as yet as i am due to go on holiday in a few days
and do not need the hassle of bank account worries.

Setup is
win 10 pc
nvda screen reader
iphone 7