ImvestEngine App Slow

Anyone else finding IE App frustratingly slow this week on IPhone?

Not directly answering your question but it’s most likely an iPhone related issue as the Android version is fine by all appearances.

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I was just about to post the same question. I’m on Android and have noticed this week the App is significantly slower, especially when placing trades. I usually trade just before the 2PM deadline so it might be the volume of people doing likewise. Additionally I think the new functionality, such as graphing the historic trading points, might also be adding extra time when navigating through the screens.

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Ah, I have not noticed that but then again, I don’t really use the app other than to add funds from my bank account or just for a quick looksee what’s going on in my portfolio. I do not find the app pleasant to use as it is too bright; you could say it gives me eyecancer. I prefer using the old fashioned desktop version because at least on my computer I can enable dark mode on the settings page.

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+1 for the App Dark mode feature.

+1 for app slowness since last week (Android)

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Hi @P.H @GrahamOfDorset @Shalin I would like to pass this along to the devs. Please let us know what pages you feel are affected and loading slower? Any specific information would really be helpful in order for the team to investigate.

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Hi @woodside
Dark mode on mobile app is set for release in the next app update! Make sure you have the latest version installed.

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The whole process of submitting an order buying / selling

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Is there a time known when SIPPs will be added? And have you guys looked at lifetime Isa’s? Thanks

@PaulGichemi these are the areas which seem to have had a noticeable step-change in response time from about 20/02/2023 (using the App on Android):
~ Selecting an ETF from one of my Portfolios. There is a 2-3 second pause whilst the price history, with my trading points, is graphed.
~ On selecting “Buy” there is a slight pause.
~ After entering the amount and then pressing “Confirm” there is a significant delay before you can do anything else. This delay can be 5-15 seconds. For part of the time the message “Order Submitted Successfully” is displayed which prevents you doing anything else. It’s nice to have the confirmation but perhaps it only needs to be displayed until acknowledged by the User?
~ If you then want to transact on an ETF in another Portfolio you press the “back” arrow at the top left. At this point there is often another significantly delay of 5-10 seconds before the home screen is drawn.

Up until recently the App performance would match the User’s pace. Now there are lags at various places which stop your flow.

Two other things which might be relevant:
~ I have also tried the functionality above using the Chrome browser on my Android phone and the reduced performance was similar to the App.
~ I think the performance is slowest between 13:00 to 14:00.

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Thank you @P.H for listing those points.

@PaulGichemi - I face all the issues @P.H listed above (I am also on Android).

A few additional points -

~ when opening the app, there is a 3-4 seconds lag before the fingerprint prompt comes up. While waiting, if I enter the PIN number to login, the input isn’t registered which suggests that the app is busy doing something else. This wasn’t the case until about a couple of weeks ago.

~ once logged in, while the graph is being generated, sometimes the scrolling doesn’t work and sometimes there is flickering while scrolling. I have to wait for the chart to come up and only after that I can scroll down to view individual ETF holdings. This doesn’t happen always but happens more often than not.

~ when changing the % weights of the ETFs in the portfolio, there is a lag when +/- buttons are tapped. I understand this is not something we would do everyday but the point is that there is definitely something going on in the background that is keeping the app busy.

I have a strong feeling that this started happening after the trading-dots-on-chart changes to the app.

Thank you for passing this feedback to the developers.

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Thank you @Shalin, @P.H for a detailed response. Please be assured that we have informed the relevant team and are looking into it.

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@Shalin @P.H , Could I please ask for the make and model of your devices? And could you please confirm you are running the latest app model? These details will greatly assist as our team conducts their investigation.

My android app is also very slow, to the point of nearly being unusable, it has always been fine until the last week or so. Nokia 5.3 running Android 12.

Using an iPhone 14 Pro

Hi guys! The technical team has been investigating the issue with sluggishness and the issue will be resolved with the new update, version 3.4.1.Any feedback will be appreciated.

I’m on version 3.4.1 and the performance is even worse. As an example I did some trades in one Portfolio and then pressed the back arrow in the top left of the App (in order to go back to the main screen to select another Portfolio). It took 1 minute 40 seconds before the App responded by drawing the main screen.

The performance of the App is slower when clicking through Portfolios and Funds that I trade a lot compared to Portfolios and Funds that I trade infrequently. This would suggest that the problem potentially lies with the graphing of the historic trading points. The introduction of this feature ties with when I noticed the performance of the App dropped off. Thus Users who do frequent trades will notice the issue more than those who trade infrequently? If this proves to be the cause of the issue perhaps the graphing of trading points could be made customisable?

Hi Thanks a lot for your feedback. I will pass it on to our development team so that they could improve app’s performance.