Adding managed portfolio to ISA portfolio


I have a DIY portfolio which is in a invest engine ISA account which is waiting to be transferred from another provider.

Can i add a managed portfolio to this ISA account?

If yes what steps should i take and when?

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You would need to open a separate managed ISA portfolio. Bare in mind that this does not breach any ISA rules as it still counts as part of your 1 stocks and shares ISA per tax year. You can simply do this by clicking ‘Add new portfolio’.

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Hello If i create a new managed portfolio in a new isa account will the isa number be the same? and does this matter?

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Each portfolio has a unique portfolio reference, so any ISA portfolios that you set up will be under the same ISA wrapper for this tax year. i.e. you can have multiple ISA portfolios which will contribute to your £20k allowance as one S&S ISA.

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Many Thanks for the help.

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