Moving DIY portfolio into an ISA account

Hi all,
I have a managed portfolio in an ISA account and a DIY portfolio in a general account.
Will I be able to transfer my DIY portfolio to sit alongside the managed portfolio, within the ISA account ?

Hope this makes sense :blush:

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Hi @Brewdog1224,

Unfortunately HMRC ISA rules state that you can’t transfer in Stocks from a general account directly to an ISA. You would need to sell any assets within the (GIA) DIY portfolio then transfer the Cash as an ISA Topup to your ISA account. This ISA top is subject to you annual ISA subscription limited, currently £20k per year.

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Good luck with that! You have to sell what you have in the GIA, move the cash into your ISA then buy them again or any other ETF’s you have in mind.

I too, had the same idea. The beginning of the year I decided to close off/sell everything in my GIA then dump all that funds in my ISA then repurchase. Unfortunately I cannot complete this plan as I am blocked by purchase transactions that has been stuck in “Awaiting Settlement” with the longest outstanding transaction of over two and a half months. This means I cannot sell them all and complete what I planned to do.

I really hope you will be able to succeed with your plans but for me so far it isn’t working out.

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