'Awaiting settlement' shows 'settled'

Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could help, I sold some of my shares 3 days ago and the transactional cash showed as ‘Awaiting settlement’.

Checking today it shows as “Settled” but the cash is nowhere to be seen. I presumed settled meant the cash is there and ready to re-invest?

Also, will I receive the cash in the Cash ISA or outside of the ISA? - I’m keen that it stays within the ISA so I can maintain the annual allowance.

Thanks in advance!

@Harsh14, when I sell shares of an ETF that’s in my ISA pie, the money stays in there and is available to invest immediately, in part.

The rest normally shows in the ISA the following day. I guess a small percentage is kept back because IE don’t know what price they can sell your shares for until the end of the trading day.

Hope this helps!

Hi thanks for that. My issue is that it’s showing “settled” but the money isn’t anywhere to be seen!

It’s been over 3 days now so was wondering.

Any ideas?

Have you got auto-invest turned on?

If you have it will automatically invest the available funds into your pie at the set percentages.

Evening, no I don’t have auto Invest on :frowning: