Selling portfolio and ISA allowance

Would “sell portfolio” option in DIY portfolio affect my ISA allowance? I would like to move part of my investments to cash, but keep it in my ISA.

You can freely move ISA Cash between the ISA Portfolios, but you cannot move it outside of the ISA wrapper.
So, once your ISA portfolio is sold you can use your ISA Account Cash for this purpose by simply following these steps:
Open “Cash” option on your Dashboard > ‘Move Cash’ > Select the destination and amount > ‘Confirm’
Moving investments this way (by moving it to Account cash within your ISA wrapper) won’t affect your allowance.

Please make sure when moving monies, that it doesnt leave the overall ISA wrapper- whether it’s ISA portfolio or ISA account cash (if it’s left, it will affect your allowance)

Thanks for clarification Mikenike. That’s helpful.

I just submitted an order to sell £100 of my securities in my DIY portfolio.
I have 2 values ub my “Portfolio cash” slip:

Cash from pending orders: £100
Available to invest: £95

Why available to invest is less than cash from orders?
Are there any fees for selling / moving money between portfolio?

Second question: I have unsettled transactions from 2 weeks ago in my portfolio. Is that normal?

Hi @Goszu , This is because we provide you with 95% of the expected proceeds, in case you would like to immediately buy more funds without necesarrily waiting for the sale order to settle. The remaining 5% is to account for any shift in the market, and is provided to you after your order has gone through.

Please email and we will be able to look into your unsettled order and advise.