Delisted fund (Amundi EPRE) - what to do to retreive asset value?


I’ve received an email from InvestEngine on August 3rd informing me of the EPRE ETF’s removal from the London Stock Exchange. Since then, my holdings in the fund appear on a separate portfolio named “Delisted Holdings” and the app does not allow me to sell them.

InvestEngine’s support has advised I check Amundi’s website to get more information. This is not helpful as the EPRE fund does not appear on their website anymore. I found an article from July 3rd announcing the fund would be delisted on July 5th (Amundi delists 10 ETFs from London Stock Exchange on low demand) . InvestEngine’s email only came on August 3rd.

I fail to see how contacting Amundi would help since I am restricted to the InvestEngine ecosystem to buy/sell my holdings either way.

Has anyone here been affected by this particular delisting or a previous similar situation? What are my options to retrieve my money?

Hi @francelico , I can assure you the team is working behind the scenes to ensure the best possible course of action that would be in our clients’ best interest. I notice you have emailed and have been responded to by our support team…