Duplicated share holdings in ETFs

I noticed that I’ve duplicated, albeit small share holdings across a few ETFs

This is probably unavoidable, to an extent, but I was wondering how much duplication is tolerable and or unavoidable. I’ve only cited Tesla in this photo but obviously Apple and Microsoft feature heavily in a number of ETFs. Thoughts anyone.

I guess it depends on personal circumstances. If you’re building a global portfolio and include a World index (like MSCI world) then there will obviously be a bit of overlap. If you wanted to avoid any duplication you’d have to just pick specific geographical ETFs, eg North America, Europe Ex UK, UK, Japan etc.

Pretty much all global trackers are going to be heavily weighted towards US equities as they’re they largest by market cap - MSCI World is 68% US based and so, essentially you have the S&P 500 in there already which means adding the S&P 500 ETF effectively doubles up your USA position. There’s nothing wrong with this, especially if you’re a fan of US equities but is sometime to bare in mind.

It’s partly why I just keep it super simple and boring and go for a one fund global tracker. I know it may be slightly more expensive than breaking it up but I know I’d also spend far too long tinkering and worrying about the correct weightings for each location so just having the one fund lets me set and forget.

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If you buy a world fund plus other funds then as you say this is unavoidable. As long as you a rationale for why you have invested in each fund then this should be fine.