ETF Range / Data Vendors

Good afternoon Team InvestEngine @InvestEngine_Laura

Can I ask: Are you limited in your range of ETFs because of any vendors you utilise? I see you link to for KIDs. Do Oppl have to have an ETF on their platform before you can offer it on yours?

Also, why are you ETF underlying asset holdings data limited? Who do you source that information from? I can see plenty of providers offering a deeper level of holdings data than just top 10. I’d like to see this deeper data to limited concentration of the same (or same type) of assets held across my ETF holdings but also so I can do some ESG screening. Actually - be good if you offered that too!


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Hi Badger, thank you for your query. We’re increasing the number of ETFs on the platform all the time ( 8 new funds were added just today – NEW ETFs available! ). However, we need to make sure we do this in a measured way with all the correct checks and balance. Vendor support can be a factor but isn’t the only one.

For Equity ETFs we’re showing 1,000’s of underlying holdings, well beyond the top 10. That data is sourced indirectly from the fund managers; but we also add additional data such as company info, logos, sector & geography data.

We have more improvement in the works. We have noted that you’re interest in ESG screening. Is there anything else you’d to see on the platform?

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