Fix Analytics Please

@tom.winterton, I’m sure you’ve realised that the analytics are broken - holdings are incorrect. Are you working on fixing it?

Hi @Carl - Can you give me some specifics?

I’m aware of an issue with some Amundi funds currently only displaying top 10 holdings (we’re looking into this). There are also some known / deliberate choices we’re making for a number of practical reasons.

Previously discussed / deliberate choices

  • Synthetic vs Physical replication
  • Holdings lets than 0.005% are excluded
  • Time lags with updates
  • We don’t show the data for Bond or alterative funds

We did switch to a new data vendor a few months back and had to iron out a few migration issues but I think save for Amundi these were generally resolved.

Please let us know what your seeing, if we can resolve it we will.

@Carl - just seen your other message re the Amundi PRIW. Will get you an update on this shortly

@tom.winterton, sorry for not coming back to you sooner. Yes, PRIW is one I hold. Also VALW, which is iShares. Be grateful if these could be fixed.

@Carl any update on this issue? I see this on the following etfs: ELCR & SEMG

@Spear – I’ve had a quick look… these funds look like they’re aligning with the published data? But maybe I’m missing a detail here?

LU2023679090 | Lyxor MSCI Future Mobility ESG Filtered (DR) UCITS ETF - Acc


both these etfs show 11 holdings (top 10 plus ‘other’) on IE dashboard.

future mobility etf should show 82 equity holdings see full holdings here

the semiconductor etf should show 67 equity holdings see full holdings here

I believe this leads to analytics showing extra allocation to ‘rest of world’ and ‘other’ sectors.

Ahh ok… sorry I was just looking at the percentages for the top 10 holdings which seemed to align

We’ll speak to the data vendor and see what can be done. I think they’ve previously said that they’ve had difficult with Amundi only supply the top 10. However, I’m pretty sure we’ve received this full breakdown before – I may reach out to Amundi directly (they’re usually quick to help out if customers are asking for the data). There’s also the possibility of getting the data from the Index that the funds tracks.

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