ETF Suggestions

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Can I make a couple of suggestions for new ETFs?

I invest in a lot of Lithium companies and there are quite a few attractive ETFs, this one seems to be the best one:

Global X Lithium and Battery Tech (NYSEARCA: LIT)

Also, with the market tanking and looking to be that way for a while - would there be any possibility about some inverse ETFs? May as well try for some short term gains by investing in them going down!

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Hi Dont know whether one can short ETF s ? and how they be priced …Frank M

Just google inverse ETF’s - wealth of info…

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Yep thanks realised my mistake …


I’m not making a comment on how wise it is to invest in them, but I’d certainly consider investing short-term in an inverse EFT for the next few months, more likely we are going down than up

Totally agree you follow any of the e t f guys in on you tube ?some goid ones and they like suggestions on topics to do Frank

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Not EFT ones - if you recommend some I’ll give them a watch, cheers Frank!

Please can you add an S&P 500 Value, as it looks like they are holding up well and if we head in to recessions, should out perform the S&P 500

I am looking at Invesco S&P 500 QVM UCITS ETF Dist, but could not find it ?

Thank you

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Hi Matty,
Thank you for making the suggestion.
I’ll make sure to pass it on to the relevant team.
Chat soon,

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Thank you Mark!!

I appreciate that.

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No problem at all, I hope you’re enjoying InvestEngine and the community.

Have you looked at L&G Battery Value‑Chain BATG? Seems to have similar holdings to LIT - albeit different weightings and 33 companies in BATG v 40.

Interested in why you might prefer LIT v BATG?

Is LIT listed on a UK exchange - not sure InvestEngine can add it if it is only NYSE listed.