ETFS Coming Soon to Invest Engine - estimated availability


I am enjoying the platform so far. It has innovative features despite a few bumps that need smoothing out.

I have a 2-part question relating to ETFs advertised as ‘coming soon’ on the ‘ETF Range’ on the main website.

Firstly, please can these be included in the ‘ETF Universe’ section for investors already on the platform? It seems strange that we would have to look at a completely different section to the one where we actually select ETFs to add or remove from those with self-managed portfolios. As long as they cannot have funds allocated to them, I don’t see the problem in allowing investors to add them to their portfolios so that they can invest in them as soon as they become available. It will therefore help investors to plan in advance in terms of asset allocation of their portfolios. In addition to this, it will be helpful if Invest Engine gave a notification - either through email or through a ‘notifications’ tab on our account window - when ETFs become available on the platform so that we are aware? This will help investors to keep track of what’s available and help them to avoid ‘buyers remorse’ where an available ETF has a higher TER but follows the same index as a ‘coming soon ETF’ that is unavailable yet, but may have a lower TER.

Secondly, it will be much more valuable to give an estimated date of availability for ETFs soon to be launched on the platform than it is to simply say ‘coming soon’. I realised that these dates may have to be revised fairly regularly as the longer out we are from them launching to platform the less accurate the date will be, but it will help investors to determine whether to wait for an ETF to become live on platform or to invest in a current available one.

For example, I am interested in the following ETFs listed as ‘coming soon’ that I will want to add to my ISA self-managed portfolio in the relatively near future:

As an example of my feedback, the NASDAQ 100 ETFS are between 0.10-0.13% lower TER to what NASDAQ 100 ETFs are currently available and therefore a healthy statistical saving in the long run. I therefore don’t want to invest in Nasdaq ETFs yet until they become available otherwise I will have to switch funds from one ETF to another that follows the same index - very cumbersome and time-consuming and possibly meaning that I will have to sell a security at a lower price than desired.

Apologies for the convoluted explanation and hope I make sense! Any comments will be extremely helpful!



Very good piece as im self managed too and the platform isnt giving advise in ifa style surley its up to the individual to invest i e inverse etf ? Im sure the likes of vangard etc allow self selection etc some of us oldies have been investing in stock back in the day of ftse 100 formation 1984! Mostly professional guys too i e those wjo are aware of e t f s and investing …yes more functionality needed on platform been banhingmon smout p d f downlands list for a while how hard can
this be ?
Like the platform but there are many new fintech firms out there competing i know as a accountant who has a few on his books …keep up the good work but faster lol Frank M

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Also better platform for community blogs murder trying do to this on smart phone especially when ones eyes going and predictive texting buggers things up …

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