Feature request: auto auto-invest

Like many investors, I prefer a long-term ‘set it and forget it’ strategy for managing my ISA. While I already benefit from auto top-ups and auto-invest features, there’s one manual task that still remains: rebalancing my funds. Given the current situation where some ETFs take longer to settle than others, I find myself checking my ISA more often than I’d like.

Is it possible to develop an ‘auto auto-rebalance’ feature? For instance, I could define certain parameters, such as if I haven’t rebalanced in the last 90 days and all funds have cleared, the platform would automatically rebalance my portfolio.

With this, apart from bi-annual check-ins and adjustments, we could truly have a ‘set-and-forget’ investment platform.


Hi Christopher! Thank you for your feedback, I’ll forward this suggestion to our management to consider adding this feature to our roadmap. We’ll post updates here and on our socials once the new features are released.

You may also use our Managed portfolios, which are rebalanced on a quarterly basis, for your ISA