Investing Auto Balance?

Can we have an option to use investment deposits to help rebalance a portfolio?

So instead of buying each amount at the target level. It will purchase ETFs in a way that will aim to restore balance.

Can we do this?




Hi Josh, at the moment this is not something that we are able to offer for compliance reasons but we hope it will be something that we can continue to look at in the future.

Currently you can either invest new cash at the target weights, or buy the individual ETFs to change the balance yourself. Another option would be to invest the money and then, when fully invested, click rebalance to fine tune to your desired weights.

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Hi Josh,

I think this is available on the app already.

Deposit some money, add the ETFS you want to invest in and click the Invest tab. It’ll buy the etfs at your desired/pre-set proportions.
Hope that helps.



Yep I know but that’s not what I asked for.

If portfolio is 50/50 and after growth it is now 55/45. I would like to pay more into the 45 holding in order to restore the 50/50 balance if that makes sense?


I am just commenting because I’m interested in this feature as well. This is the ultimate feature for having a fully automated lazy portfolio. I hope you can solve the compliance issues and give us this option soon. It could also be helpful to schedule a rebalance like once a month, quarter, or year.