Feature request: Self-rebalancing portfolio when buying

I mentioned this to support already but thought I’d suggest again and see if others agree.

T212 has a great feature when buying a pie (equivalent to a portfolio in IE) where you can check a box to make the contributions self-rebalancing to your chosen weights.

So if you’d previously bought £100 VWRP and VAGS with weighting of 90/10, but VWRP was up 10% and VAGS down 10%, next time you bought another £100, it would automatically buy £88.2 VWRP and £11.8 VAGS, easily bringing your portfolio back to chosen weightings without having to rebalance - and with the maths done for you.

A very handy feature for those drip-feeding/contributing regularly - hope they’ll introduce this on IE.


As someone who makes twice-monthly contributions to my ISA, I wholeheartedly back this suggestion. So much more efficient than having to rebalance.

If T212 can do it, so can IE! :slight_smile:

You can already do this by using rebalance when you have cash in your account. If you have enough cash to return to your chosen weightings, InvestEngine will not sell anything and just buy.

Judt make sire you go through the rebalance button wjen you have cash in your account and not “invest”.

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Thank you for submitting this suggestion to InvestEngine.

I have passed on your proposal to the Development Team, which will consider adding this feature to our Product Roadmap.

We’ll post updates here on our Forum and on social media whenever we add new functionality to the platform.

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As I invest every two weeks, sadly that never works for me as something or the other is always awaiting settlement which stops me from using the rebalance function.

What ever happened to that quote for John Bogle…
• buy right
• hold tight
• don’t peek….?
Anyone got any historical data that advises you to rebalance as often as you seem to be suggesting?

As things stand I can’t rebalance at all, so frequency doesn’t even come into it.

But yes, I would like the kind of automatically adjustment suggested in the OP as that seems like an efficient and hands-off way to rebalance without having to peek.

Exactly: what I’ve suggested here is a feature that would mean you would literally never have to rebalance your portfolio. Ever. (assuming you’re a drip-feeder)

Seems perfectly compatible with Bogle’s quote?

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