Feature Suggestion - this forum

Just a suggestion - took me a while to find this forum - might it be worth in a later iteration adding a link to it to the InvestEngine app?


Hi Robert and thanks for your suggestion and welcome!

This is definitely in our dev team’s pipeline and we will keep everyone updated once we get an implementation date. Out of interest, how did you find this forum?


I accidentally clicked on an icon link at the bottom of an email!

I was the same, I found through google search initially…not realising you had a forum. Now I come through the link at the very bottom of the home page.

An in app link would be great & might also take some pressure of customer service as I’m sure a majority of questions could be answered through an FAQ forum or from forum members.


I have been missing all these features since the last year i opened the account here for 3 of my family members and had fedback via email( …not this forum)

1)Compare fund performances with filters (See Hargreaves site … 1 yr /3yrs/5yrs etc…) . Have a downloadable excel file to use offline if sorting and filtering cant be made available. This is to help select funds to invest on
2)Sum total (of all portfolios) dashboard of investments Versus contributions (See Nutmeg / Freetrade)
3) Trendline over time to see the direction of the whole investment

Please note that I have committed investing via Crowdcube to the recent investment drive and hope basic informative features come in fast to attract more customers and their money

SO if nothing moves, i would be happy to take away 3 x family ISAs 2022-23 of business to another provider.

Wow, sounds a little harsh, ‘if I dont get these features, I’m removing investments’.

IE is new & growing … Remember the reasons you came here is the first place … Probably 0 fees & a fantastic choice of ETFs.

Maybe a feature ‘suggestion’ post would go down better.

No offense meant, good luck with your investments.


I don’ t mean to move out my previous 2021-2022 ISA investment, I am retaining them

I have sent in my suggestions to get basic features included and waited for the whole of last year

As i have mentioned I have also invested my money in the recent crowdcube round of investments to improve the services at Investengine …so hope it moves on soon ; so I do believe in the business model to work and deliver.

I intend not to invest in the 2022-23 ISA if i find better features and visibility elsewhere.

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I guess as a new provider, they need the voice of many to implement new features.

Personally, although I think your suggestions are a really great call. I’ve never has such features with my other providers. Maybe a vote on feature requests would assist IE with this.

This post ISA suggestion re links to the forum, not a general invite to threaten InvestEngine with losing our custom if they don’t do what they want!