Enjoying the platform, but what's next?

The platform is great and I’m enjoying managing my own investments as well as having a managed portfolio but I can’t help but wonder what is next on the InvestEngine roadmap? What should we be looking forward to this year? :eyes:


Hey, thank you so much for your message, I’m so pleased to hear you’re enjoying investing with us. We have lots of exciting things to come this year, we have just this week updated our app and we are adding several new ETFS to the platform throughout the beginning of this year. We will also be introducing shared portfolios. Did you know that you can now auto-invest your cash? We will also be looking at individual share purchases and SIPPs in the longer term future of InvestEngine but I cannot put a timescale on this. Please let me know if there is anything that you would like to see on the platform or if you have any further questions I can help with.

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I have recently joined InvestEngine too - just a small portfolio initially to test it out. I must admit I have been very pleasantly surprised so far. Nice, slick, simple yet meaningful experience. I look forward to trying out some of the different features in the coming weeks before making a bigger portfolio investment.

One gap I have noticed that I would welcome being addressed is a lack of multi-factor authentication on the investment platforms users accounts (I note that MFA is possible on this community user account). Is this something that’s on the “what’s next” feature list?

Hi Java, thank you so much for your feedback. We have been looking into multi-factor authentication and you will be pleased to hear that it will be introduced in February, this will also include face ID for our InvestEngine app. I hope this answers your question but please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with.


Hi Laura,

Enjoying the platform greatly. Is there any possibility a Small Cap Value ETF be added to the platform such as VBR. Denise is probably fed up with me nagging her! :slight_smile:


VBR would be great! Please add this!

VBR is a US ETF. IE can’t sell those to Europeans as they don’t meet European Regulations (notably pre sale documents, called KIDs)

Shame, thank you for letting me know Badger.

Thank you for your queries regarding VBR, unfortunately this is not on the London stock exchange and we only offer ETFs that are traded there. Please let us know if you have any other requests.

Could we have dark mode in the mobile app? White colour theme is clear but it is kind of hurting my eyes at night. It would be great if we can have a dark mode.

@carmelohk thank you for the suggestion. This is something we are currently reviewing.

I have to learn about Capital Gains Tax. Because I sold ETFs and move into others etc, is there a way of producing a Capital Gains Tax report.

I notice you have Reports section, which currently says “No reports to show just yet”, do reports show there after the new tax year, because I have not been with you for a full tax year yet ?

Thank you

Hi James, we provide these annually as standard but we can generate one for you now if you contact our customer support team, support@investengine.com.

That is great, I just did not know, as I have not been with you for a full tax year yet.

Another protentional update, is educational pages, i.e. about B&B. For example once we get near Tax year, I plan to take 20k out of the GIA and then in the new Tax year put into the ISA, therefore taken advantage of ISA. Once I learnt about this, it encourage me to put as much as I can into my GIA, therefore once a year, I will move it into my ISA. Before I learn about B&B, I had never considered GIA, because of the not having time to learn about CGT.

Thank you


Thanks for your feedback, I will pass your ideas on!

Hi @InvestEngine_Laura . I realise the team are super busy with many platform development features and new ETFs. But I wondered if there was any update on the multi-factor authentication for securing logins?

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Hi @java, our multi-factor authentication is live on our app, with password, pin and facial recognition. The multi-factor authentication should be launched at the end of next week unless there are any unforeseen issues.

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@java - Just to clarify it’s Website 2FA that we’ll be launching shortly (hopefully next week). You’ll have the option to require SMS authorisation every time sign in to the website.

They’ll be a comms going out with further details when we release the website 2FA

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Thanks @tom.winterton @InvestEngine_Laura - that is good news

I’ve only recently joined InvestEngine but so far I think it’s great. A passive investors dream.

One thing I’d be really keen on is a LISA (Lifetime ISA). I currently have a S&S LISA with Nutmeg and have just moved my normal ISA over to InvestEngine. Having my LISA over here would be fantastic!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile: