Second Thoughts

After reading posts on here all I see is people complaining or not getting a quality service.
I have decided that I will not be investing on this platform.
Good luck to all of you that have issues with Invest Engine

hi, it may well appear there are lots of people complaining on this forum and they think they are not getting a quality service but in reality a lot are new to investing and invest engines platform and its workings and portfolio updates, i also think its good that people can post their issues here and hopefully learn from it and get it fixed.
i am new to IE this year and my 2 managed portfolios and my 1 diy have all traded perfectly and i also asked ‘the management’ to rebalance 2 of them to a higher risk, my isa also transfered across perfectly.

good luck in your investing future.


I have been with IE since September 2022. I have a DYI portfolio that I contribute to monthly. I have no reason to complain. It’s set up as a direct debit at the 1st of the month and it goes like clockwork.
The truth of the matter is that investing is not for everyone. If you can’t handle the volatility you shouldn’t do it.


I agree there should be a platform to ask questions like this.
My thoughts have changed because of what I hear on this from others and because IE also have lost my ISA transfer form I emailed them so if they can’t find an email how on earth can they look after my money?
I might change my mind but at the moment I’m not impressed with the way things are going.
Good luck with your investing

It’s the nature of forums and humans - many only write to complain rather than compliment - it’s always be mostly complaints.

At least the platform has a forum - HL for example do not.


I must admit to being concerned about a number of issues raised here, but my own experience has been very good, from tranferring the money in, making trades, and the fastest dividend payments of the four platforms I have experienced at first hand.


I might give IE a go on this basis.
What ETF’s do you invest in? Are they as good as you imagined?

I am very happy with Invest Engine.

Just the usual trackers global indices, which did as I expected which is to closely track the target market. You need to decide what suits you tho. If in doubt, the Lars Krojers Investing Demystified vids on YouTube are good. I prefer to use plain cash instead of bonds for diversification but that’s not a recommendation

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Just make sure not to invest in smaller/non-mainstream ETFs because the settlement times can get ridiculous, we have seen up to 75 days of investment lockdown here.

75 days?
That’s terrible service

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See here for the whole story: What's Your Longest "Awaiting settlement" Transaction?

I have decided IE is not up to the required standard for investing so I will move all assets to a better provider. Good luck to you all.

can you name what went wrong and name broker with required standard :slight_smile:


Read all the comments, not just mine.
I have applied to transfer my ISA to your platform three times and you seem to be unable to find anything sent to you. Further to that when you did find one of the forms you failed to let me know you found it and continued to tell me you have received nothing.
Thankfully it was only a form and not money.

I have decided your platform cannot be trusted to look after my money so I will use another one.
Decision made so that’s all I am going to say on this issue

Trading212 seems to be quite popular on the ISA front lately. Lots of positive commentary. Sad to say but they have a much better ETF selection too.

Yes Trading212 is my next destination

Also, a finance company who is begging for more money every few months (a.k.a. Crowdfunding) does not really screams “trustworthy” in my opinion.

I like the idea of Crowdfunding as a way of raising capital for growing companies. Most growing companies need to get funding from somewhere and an approach that lets ‘ordinary’ people get a stake has some positives. Clearly there are risks, so like all investments don’t risk any more than you can afford to lose (or anything if you don’t like the concept).

Hi @Nic thanks for your point on crowdfunding. I just wanted to give you some reassurance regarding this process.

As @P.H points out, crowdfunding is a useful way of raising capital but it is also an excellent marketing exercise to bring InvestEngine to the right audiences and gives our community a chance to build greater affiliation with our brand by becoming shareholders. Shareholders are also excellent long-term investors, great brand advocates and helpful for providing an audience that can provide feedback as we continue to develop the product to suit your needs.

As such, we are far from solely reliant on the capital from the crowdfund to continue to grow InvestEngine. We have to meet regulations from the FCA to keep providing a service, which we do, and your capital is protected, as with any other regulated investment company in the UK by the FSCS. Hope that helps.