Growth 3 is down 10% in 6 months should I be worried?

I’m a newbie to investing, but the growth 3 portfolio is down 10% in 6 months. This is worse than the worse case scenario the projections predicted. I admit I’m not really one for high octane market rides and probably would have had similar concerns of it was up 10% in 6 months. Is this ‘expected’ or is there some bad luck/timing or bad management going on?

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the question above; please let me look into this on Monday and come back to you.
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I do not use managed IE funds, just DIY, but if you compare that to S&P 500 or All World Fund, they are 12% down for the last six months.

We live in unusal times, and inflation/interest rates increases meant, they both fell 4% in 5 days.

Everything should be seen as long term. I did Ethereum last year, knowing full well I could loose it all, but do not even login to look at it, I put an appointment in my calendar to look at it in 5 years.

I do see the gains and losses for my Index Funds, only because I login at least once a week to put more money into the market.

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Really only an issue if you are investing for just 6 months :wink:

Hi Daniel,
As promised, I said I’d get back today on your question above.

Although InvestEngine portfolios are designed for investment horizons longer than 6 months we appreciate the return you have experienced so far has fallen short of your expectations.

This year, financial markets have come under several pressures, mainly inflation and all the other factors highlighted in the content put out by the investment team. 2022 has so far presented a sell-off in both equities in bonds which has not been seen for a while, our equity benchmark is down 18.6% on the year and our fixed-income benchmark is down 15.0%. Although not ideal, your portfolio remains ahead of the respective composite benchmark by over 5%.

Our investment team continues to monitor markets and their investment decisions combined have preserved your capital a little more than being invested in their global benchmarks directly.

We will be posting more information shortly; in the meantime, please make sure to read a recent post from the investment team in the community, which you can find here

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.