So who else is getting their portfolio absolutely smashed?

Well I picked probably the worst time to load up most of my ETF portfolio and ISA from money I had saved at the start of the year. Definitely learning the lesson of dollar cost averaging the hard way :grimacing:

Growth 10 is down 13%
Growth 9 is down 14%
Growth 5 is down 6%

DIY 1 is down 7%
DIY 2 is down 10%

I’m confident this will eventually turn around as markets do and yes that’s what you take the risk as with the high growth portfolios but gheez its tough looking at these figures some days.

I’ve also got some side stocks in the Tech industry (mostly Nvidia and AMD) and watching them burn as well. :fire: :fire: :fire:

Anyone else I can commiserate with? :beers: :man_facepalming:

My DIY is down just over 6% (since start of the new ISA year). I thought it wasn’t a great time to invest so got some different funds than my norm, to see if that would make a difference, but I don’t think it has significantly.

I consciously didn’t DCA as I haven’t got the patience or discipline. I’ve come to the conclusion that what ultimately makes the most difference is just time.

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My managed income portfolio is down 8% but my UK share portfolio (with Freetrade) is actually up and weathering the current market pretty well.

Nothing to get too concerned about if you are investing for the long run.

I gambled £1000 in Bitcoin and Ethereum 12 months ago and that’s down around 60%. It was money that I was prepared to lose, so no biggie. I’m hodling long term with that, too, so it may recover at some point.

I’m just playing with small amounts (hundreds, not thousands) so it’s been an interesting but not terrifying ride so far! I thought I was onto a good thing with commodities, but even my ‘All Commodities’ etf has had a wobble this past week or so.

Hi @P.H AutoInvest may help you with DCA, it’ll automatically invest your spare cash based on your portfolio’s weights. So you could set up a direct debit and let AutoInvest and time do their things — you can find out a bit more here here

My DIY dividends is almost breaking even. Made up of FTSE100 and VHYL.
Like you the growth (9) is 8% down and DIY growth -10%.
After DCA last year I dumped my ISA allocation in April/May/June 22
Which was still a falling market.
Just have to sit tight and view my portfolio every other hour instead of every hour.
We are all in the same boat.
I continue to DCA in my GIA.

Hi Its all woe,woe and more woe here too.

DIY Down 9-10% at the moment.

Made up of VHYL and Bonds and little bit of gold

All we can do is hope for better times and the brains to know it and cash in and spend the ill gotten gains.

Jack, share your pain.

My first venture into an ISA ETF’s following my original investment in April. I’ve 75% invested in Growth 8 and 25% in my DIY

Growth 8 is down 10%
DIY down 6%

Fully aware and comfortable with the risks and understand how the market is where it is and there may be worse to come. These sit alongside other smaller low risk savings so this S&S ISA has to be a long term view. I don’t regret the investment being initially a complete novice about ETF’s so did my research. Looking to invest further in both sometime in July.


I’m down 6.5% across my portfolios. I’m not happy obviously but not broken-hearted either.
I’ve been quite mindful of avoiding duplications, as far as is possible and not paying too much in fees.

I keep an interested eye on hydrogen ETFs but they seem way to expensive and roller-coaster atm.

I guess for this year it’s a case of sitting tight and not doing anything rash.

Have things bottomed-out yet? I’m not so sure but we’ll have to see if the US interest rate rises squash inflationary pressures a bit before loosening the belt of caution a notch or two.