How can orders be executed at 7pm when the LSE is closed?

Hello IE team,

Just saw the following sentence in your system:

Orders are executed in our daily trading window between 2 pm and 7 pm. Actual amounts may differ slightly from those shown below.

I understand that the LSE closes at 4:30 pm, so I don’t get how orders cloud be executed at 7 pm?

I would appreciate if you could clarify this!




Good question belive lse relates to stocks only trading fur commodities are done elsewhere at specific times just wondering if this relates to us times ?i e new york 5 hours behind u k ? Frank

Good question.

We typically execute our order around 3 pm (after New York opens). But we need to ensure our systems and all transaction are all fully updated. That process can take a little extra time and is why we’ve said our “trading window” is between 2pm & 7pm.

The 2 pm cutoff is to ensure we process all TopUps and Orders ahead of the rebalance.
The 7 pm to make sure for all our trades to be booked + UI/transaction record to update.
(A single market trade can be split out, with fractional shares allocated to hundreds of customers - hence why it can take some time)