How to withdraw cash from my portfolio

Please how do i take out that cash in my portfolio??

I want everything in efts why is it in cash.
I can’t move that amount to Cash ISA and it’s saying it will trigger a stock sale if i want to or even move any amount.
Can everything be put into efts since this platform does fractional eft buying.!!

Hi @Lionel

This looks like a Managed portfolio – If so then that cash % is managed by our Investment team as part of the overall portfolio. All Managed portfolio (not just InvestEngine) typically hold a small % in cash – This is to ensure we don’t over trade and have funds on hand to take any fees. (Lots of small trades on an account can erode value )

At the moment our Managed portfolios typically hold between 0.5% → 1.5% in cash, depending on recent trades / dividends. When the cash exceeds the maximum % allocation, this then triggers a trade on the account and the excess cash is invested.

From memory/previous post @Lionel I think you had an Income account.
If so the dividends will get paid into your cash account each month (so that won’t necessarily trigger a trade) but the portfolio work on the same basis in term of always holding a small % in cash.


Thanks you very much @tom.winterton. This was very elaborate and helpful. I appreciate your good work :rocket::100:

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