"in specie & cash" ISA transfer in

Lucky to have one quite good ISA provider who holds several of my ISA’s accumulated over a few tax years. The down side is that in total it exceeds the £85k FSFC limit of compensation in the event of a default.
Therefore I’m considering moving a few £k out of my existing ISA provider in a part ETF in specie ISA transfer of the GBP variety that InvestEngine offer along with a few £k cash that is currently accruing monthly interest in my ISA account.
Has anyone else managed such an awkward transfer or got any words of advice based on experience? Tia.


I’m no expert. But the 85K compensation cover is not applicable to platforms holding S&S ISAs.
Platforms like IE have to segregate/ringfence their financial affairs from the money you’ve contributed.
If IE went bust you would still own your Vanguard VRWL for eg.
It’s not like a bank

Hey Tia and thank you for your message.

Indeed, the FSCS will cover clients up at £85,000 per account.

InvestEngine holds all client cash in pooled client bank accounts at NatWest Bank Plc and your investments in a pooled client account at CREST (operated by Euroclear UK and Ireland).

Hence FSCS will pay out if for some reason InvestEngine goes down and then so do the banks.

You can see more information about it in our help centre here and here, on FSCS website.

As for partial transfers, currently, we can support partial transfers of past tax years ISAs in cash.

For in-species transfers of previous tax years ISAs, they must transferred in full.

We are aiming to deliver partial in-species transfers of previous years ISAs very soon and we will announce it here, on our Community page.

Hi Michael, Tia means thanks in advance.
Thanks for your response. I need to think through my issue as I can’t do a complete in specie transfer as some of my ETFs aren’t InvestEngine compatible. I’ll give it a coat of thought and see what happens.


Hi Andy, thanks for letting me know.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you have any questions –support@investengine.com

Have a good week ahead!