ISA Transfer from Vanguard Investor

I have done well using IE to pick my own funds.

I currently have 298k in a VUSA 500 at Vanguard Investor ISA

My questions are

  1. I have invested in this Tax Year, but it looks like I can still do a Transfer ?
  2. When setting up the transfer can I say 50% rather then whole amount ?
  3. Am I able to say transfer VUSA from Vanguard to VUSA at IE, so there will be no need to sell out and there been out of the market while the transfer is going through ?

Thank you

Hi James, I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Thank you for your questions, and I’ve provided some answers below, which I hope will help you.

  1. That’s right, even if you’ve subscribed to your Vanguard ISA this tax year then you can still complete an ISA transfer to us. As you can only hold one stocks & shares ISA each tax year, you’ll need to transfer all current tax year subscriptions to us.

  2. With previous tax year subscriptions, you can choose whether you wish to transfer either a partial amount of it or the total amount. However, if you want to transfer current tax year subscriptions, then you’ll need to transfer all current year subscriptions.

  3. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to facilitate in-specie transfers (assets transfers), but we hope to be able to offer this soon. Currently, we’ll request Vanguard to liquidate your holdings and transfer the cash proceeds to us, so you may be out of the market for a while between when Vanguard liquidates your holdings and makes the payment to us. Once we receive your cash, it’ll generally be allocated to your account and available for investment within one working day.

I hope the above is of help to you, and please do let me know if I can help with anything else.
Have a great day,

Thank you for the information

Do you have an lead time on when you will be doing in-specie transfer ?

If I use the current liquidate process, do you have an average that time that takes ?

Thank you

Hi James,
We are glad to hear that you are interested in one of the features scheduled for release on InvestEngine.We can’t give any precise date for adding new features at the moment but we’ll post updates on our Community Forums and social media whenever we do add new functionality.
I hope this helps.

Thank you. This afternoon, I have just done the full transfer from Vanguard ISA, and setup a 50/50 split with IESU VUSA and auto invest. Therefore it should get back into the market soon after you get the cash transfer.

I have about 150k in GIA with Vanguard, will there be an option to do an “in-specie transfers” for GIA ? I do not know if this is an option anywhere, as I only started my first ever GIA last year.

I am just thinking about CGT if I have no option to cash out and transfer ?

Thank you

Hi James,
Delighted to see you’re enjoying the service.
If you are using a Managed Portfolio you just need to log in as normal, go to the dashboard and click on ‘withdraw’ next to the portfolio balance. From there, simply enter the sum you would like to withdraw.
If you would like to withdraw the entire portfolio balance, again simply just enter the sum required to return your portfolio balance to zero.
If you are using a DIY Portfolio you can withdraw your cash balance (displayed on the top right-hand side of the Portfolio performance graph) by clicking on it and selecting the amount.
If your wish to withdraw the funds invested in ETFs you will need to initiate the sale of the ETFs yourself by going into the portfolio, selecting the ETF and pressing ‘Buy / Sell’ next to the Portfolio balance. Please note this process takes 2 working days from the day of trading (T+2), as with all investments, the cash will need a 2 working days settlement period.
And you can withdraw your money whenever you want. We don’t charge a fee for making a withdrawal or closing your account.
I hope this is of help,