Key Investor Information

Why do we only have one piece of key investor information now?

Hi @Carl,

We previous provided both Key Investor Information Documents (KIID) + monthly Factsheet via links on each ETF page. Unfortunately we’ve had to remove all of the monthly factsheets.

It had been flagged to us that some of the Factsheets were for distribution to Professional clients only. We currently don’t have a systematic way of checking which one we can & can’t show so we’ve had to remove them all.

We are looking at what we can do here. I might be the case that we can provide factsheets for some provider but not others but its going to take us a bit of time to sort this out. In the mean time all I can say is you will likely be able to find these factsheets on the Fund managers websites or sites such as

Appreciate your response but I really don’t get it.

So your ‘professional’ clients are allowed access, and individual investors, like most of us are having to run around to others to get the advice we need?

This sounds backwards. Who is deciding who gets access and who doesn’t?

@Carl – We’ve had similar discussions internally and share some of these frustrations…But ultimately there’s a judgement that has to be made on whether the content is appropriate and likely to properly understood by a the retail audience. The fund managers producing these factsheets typically the ones classifying some of these factsheets for professional client only.