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How do I see what managed portfolios are available?

In general there seems to be lack of easy access to information on the platform.-- there is no easy way to find other DIY ETFs available before I opened my account, the exact amount spent on fees, spread, etc.

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We offer growth and income managed portfolios. Income portfolios generally carry a lower level of risk and payout income monthly, while growth portfolios reinvest dividends. When you open a portfolio, you will need to take a short risk questionnaire to assess your risk level. Depending on your responses, you will be suggested one of the ten risk types of growth and three risk types of the managed portfolio. Generally, the higher the level of risk, the higher the chance of potential return.
The exact ETFs that comprise the different types of the managed portfolio are subject to constant change. You can view the allocation of your chosen type of Managed Portfolio at any given time in the portfolio dashboard.

You can learn all the essential information about the securities that we offer on our ETF Range webpage. You can browse through the range before even opening an account with us. Your DIY Portfolio contains an in-depth search engine of our ETFs that offers the ETF breakdown, insight into regions, hedging, asset class, ESG, etc. We are looking to make this information available on the ETF Range page as well.

On the ETF Range, you will find the TER - the annual cost of investing in the ETF, determined by the issuer. The spread will vary between transactions. It is determined by the brokers and market makers and InvestEngine does not add any amount to the spread. The average impact of market spread is 0.07% a year for our Growth portfolios and 0.07% a year for our Income portfolios. In DIY Portfolios, there is no management fee, and therefore there are no further costs associated with investing.

We appreciate your interest in InvestEngine and offer these answers as well as much more helpful information in our Help Centre:

I hope the above was of some help; please feel free to reach out if I can help with anything else.

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thanks for the details Mark.

IE has a great customer support that makes up for the lack of some information. But I am sure you guys will be building that soon.

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No problem at all, we’re always adding to the platform to improve our service. Have a great long weekend and if I can help with anything else please let me know.