New Feature Request - Distribution Fund info

This only affects distribution funds:

Is it possible to include data points such as dividend yields and distribution frequency (Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually etc.)? The cherry on top will be also to list Ex-Dates and Payment Dates as well as the dividend rate. Declare dates are optional, but ex and payment dates are the more important dates as well as the dividend rate.


Great suggestion - ideal for those of us who want to build an ETF income producing portfolio!

Thank you for your Suggestion! We will make sure to look into a possibility of adding this information.

At the moment you can find dividend yields, distribution frequency and Ex-Date in the Factsheet of each ETF on the official website. To see it you need to choose specific ETF and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Hi Anna, Thanks for the response.

I know where to get these information from various alternative sources. That’s not the point. The point is to have it all in-house; a one-stop-shop so to speak. Improving the InvestEgnine platform and functionality.

Factsheet information is static and therefore meaningless and simply states “quarterly”. Dates and rates varies and changes.

The factsheet does not indicate that the next declare date would be example 08-Dec-22 or the next ex-date would be example 15-Dec-22 and the payment date would be example 28-Dec-22 and finally the rate would be example $0.378498

The above example dates was for VWRL

Not sure if you keep tabs on competitors or not, but as an example the LightYear platform does an excellent display of this type of information


Seconded. Having the data incorporated in-house opens up possibilities for further improving the platform, like enhancing the “ETF range” page with filters on yield and distribution frequency.

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I guess InvestEngine could integrate all these info and more with an API data agreement with or similar companies.

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Agreed. I’m finding it rather tiresome having to flip between external data sources to see how my distribution ETFs are performing, specifically re dividends and dates.