Dividends payout dashboard

Hello there,

some cash has suddenly appeared in my account. I guess it is dividends distributed by one or a combination of my ETFs.

Is there any way to see which ETF distributed how much and when in the InvestEngine interface?

Any dashboard or just an info list? I mean would like to understand how the ETFs are performing (not just in terms of value growth).


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On the ‘Transaction’ tab you will see any Dividends you have received. If you click on a Dividend you can see the fund it relates to, the date paid, and the amount.

Interesting. I don’t have Dividend information under Transactions, and apparently all my executed purchase are still shown as Awaiting Settlement.
I’m not understanding what is going on here.

I have invested £2500, but I have those mysterious extra £8 as cash with no info whatsoever to be found.

If you’ve scrolled through your transactions and there aren’t any Dividends then this is not where the £8 has come from. I know that my purchases rarely result in the exact amount I’ve asked for being the actual cost, as I assume that timing of the transaction results in a slight difference. If you sum all the actual costs of your purchases they might actually total £2,492?

Transactions always take a bit of time to settle, I think there are some formal steps to complete.


Thank you for your question.

You can always see the by what ETF a dividend was paid out.

For that, you need to enter your Account and go to the Transactions tab. You’ll have an option to expand the transaction line, so you’ll be able to see additional details about the dividend.

What might be useful is a dividends coming up next week month they do this with shares magazine i think we really need a technical help learning centre maybe like e torro something on us futures ? Frank


Would love if the IE Team could show all time earned dividends and market gains separately on the dashboard like M1 Finance in the US in the future :blush:


Great suggestions here! Thanks

(I’m planning on running some suggestions by our UI design team next week - will let you know what they say)

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