New Option Request when Choosing Funds

I can see you have just added the iShares S&P 500 Information Technology and I am currently in the iShares NasDaq 100. These are similar, and the 500 is cheaper and currently out performs the NasDaq

When you searching Add Securities, it would be nice to have another option, i.e. Type Information Technology, World, Emerging Markets etc

Therefore If I select Information Technology, I would have seen the S&P 500 Information Technology and the NasDaq 100 and potentially others.

i.e. if you search Information Technology, the Nasdaq does not come up, so if there was a drop down category/market type, it would make it much easier to find them ?

Thank you

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Thanks for your feedback, we are working to improve our search function. I’m not able to give an exact timescale at the moment but we do hope to have this improved in March.