Owned shares decimals precision

Hello there,

just a curiosity, I would like to understand one little thing.
Can anyone clarify why when you buy a new security in the “Transaction” details you can always see 6 digits decimals when the security is “Awaiting settlement”, however, after the purchase becomes “Settled” the shares are rounded to 4 decimal digits.

What do you actually owned? 6 digits shown before or 4 digits precision shown after. It can make quite a difference in the long run for some securities.
Is it just a UI reporting issue in the platform or the owned shares are actually rounded to 4 digits?

If my question is not clear, here an example of what I mean by that:

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Probably best answered by InvestEngine people. An answer that will be useful to us all.

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Hi @RaAl

This will be related to the UI - The underlying records are held to 6dp and you’ll be able to see this in the full valuation reports. I wasn’t aware of the settled stock showing to 4dp - I’ll have to look into this and get back to you.

(My first thought was that we were not displaying the trailing 0’s but its not that)

I feel your pain. I also tallied up a huge discrepancy due to inconsistent decimal points. I replicate all transactions on Google Finance portfolio and after a few transaction entries these shortened and/or rounded up decimal points starts adding up to a different total share quantity sum. Moneywise is is quite a few quid discrepancy. It would be nice to have a standardised decimal fraction. Off the top of my head platforms like freetrade uses 8 decimals and lightyear uses 9. This makes for accurate accounting.

I would really appreciate it if InvestEngine can implement a similar consistent standard.


Totally agree :arrow_up:. The more precision the better also for me.

@tom.winterton Actually even the full quarterly report has 4dp, I have checked it today.
It would be nice to have as much precision as possible in all reports (both in the console and documents) 6dp/8dp/9dp whatever is possible.

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Hi @RaAl

I’ve done a bit more digging into this. You’re right the quarterly reports do only show 4dp apologies I was mistaken. If you go on the dashboard and click on the ETF holding itself you will see the full positions to 6 dp. Our systems & record split fractional shares to 6dp.

Now to the why & a bit of background? (bit technical / dry)

When we trade fractionally we allow shares to be split into 1 / 10,000th of a share as the smallest unit. That’s a design decision and so by extension our systems & record split fractional shares to 6dp.

On the UI in some instance (especially on mobile) we’ve need to limited it to 4dp for visual reason
We also have a 2nd system driving some of the emails/Transaction screens. This system’s default to displaying 4dp for settled stock (Still investigating why this is)

Because of how we’ve designed our fractional shares - we’ll never show 8 or 9dp (as this would just show trailing 00’s and add no value). That said I agree we should be trying to show 6 dp of precision where ever we can.

I’m going to look at getting some amends on our roadmap (the email + reports).