Portfolio percentages - decimals

Adding this for discussion here having already raised it through the help section.

At present, you can only select a percentage allocation for an ETF in a portfolio by whole integers. It would be nice to be able to select a decimal amount eg. 2.5%. This would be useful if you wanted to build a single portfolio that you could just set and forget, with multiple different EFT and assets eg. with regional ETFs to keep the fees down. I guess it wouldn’t be hugely complicated to enable decimilisation of percentages like this? Other platforms offer it (eg. T212 with their equivalent “Pies” feature).


I would also like to see this added.

I would imagine it’ll be pretty easy to do. But how much value it adds to your performance I’d question?

Depends what you mean by value - obviously it wouldn’t guarantee better performance. But it would facilitate building a globally diversified portfolio of regional ETFs that reproduces the performance of the likes of VWRP etc at a lower cost, alongside other assets at smaller allocations (similar to a multiasset fund) and would allow users to build a “core-satellite” portfolio all in one, making it easier to set and forget. In that sense it would add value to the platform, even if not necessarily the performance.

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Completely agree with this! It is an unnecessary limitation in my view.

@InvestEngine_Laura any update on this?

Hi @Carl I will check in with the team regarding this but please be assured the proposal has been relayed to the relevant team for consideration. We post here whenever there are any new updates or releases.

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Hi @PaulGichemi, do you have an update on this please?

Hi Carl, no updates so far, but be assured we’ll inform you once this feature is added

Thanks Paul. Just adding my continued interest in and support for this - it would make a huge difference to be able to condense everything into a single portfolio using decimal percentages

Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop on any updates or developments.