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By no means any rush on this as there are other suggestions i.e. regarding awaiting settlements, that I know you are dealing with and should rightly be prioritised first.

But when Invest Engine get the chance, please can they alter investors portfolio screens to be similar to the one below? These are excerpts of my larger Moneyfarm portfolio which I am planning to transfer to Invest Engine in the near future. It just makes it so much clearer to see at a glance it’s value, the number of shares you have in each security (I know, because I’m sad and like to see this grow!) and how it compares to the average price (average cost of each purchase of a security you make over time) and has a drop down section showing more detailed information for each security.

Invest Engine has all this information, but it is very cumbersome to have to click on each individual security to find most of this information and having to go back through the homepage to move onto the next security.

Any thoughts and comments from fellow investors and the Invest Engine team will be much appreciated!



Hello Sheldon,

Thank you for your great suggestion.

We’re in the process of improving our filters, which will definitely simplify the search of ETFs.

Rest assured that your proposal was shared with the Development Team. You can keep an eye on our Community Forums and social media to get updated whenever we do add new functionality to the platform.

We appreciate your feedback and are always happy to listen to new suggestions.

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Hi Niko,

That’s great - thank you!

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