S&P500 Equal Weight Please

Unless I’m being bit slow, we don’t appear to have a single equal weight S&P500 ETF available on Invest Engine.

About 8 million ESG ETF’s, but no equal weight S&P500.

So, can one of the options be added please?

(or indeed if I am being slow, can someone let me know!)

With Equal Weight do you mean lets say you put £500 it is allocated £1 per company in S&P 500 (yes I know there are more then 500, just making it easier)

I cannot remember which YouTube Finance person it was, but there is a video that explains the top 10% of the S&P 500 make up the most of the profit of the S&P 500

So unless you mean something different with Equal Weight, I would say why, when you look at the performance of Equal Weight vs S&P 500

Oil on the rise, result - more inflation - Tech doesn’t do well again and the Magnificent Seven drag the whole Index down because they account for 37% of it between them.

Meanwhile Energy takes a flier - but you have a 4% exposure to that sector.

I don’t know what’ll happen next, no one does, but imagine what a very cold winter will do…

I just think it’s a sensible option, and given the immense list of niche ETF’s we do have it baffles me we don’t have at least one US option.

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Yes i did very well out of the IESU 500 Energy. Sold a while ago and just going to stay with VUSA for a while now.

@tom.winterton - Is there any point us starting these threads, the team’s silence is deafening…

Hi! I’ve raised a proposal to add S&P 500 Equal Weight ETFs to our platform with our Investments team. We cannot give an ETA for it at the moment, but be assured we will post updates here once it is done

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Sorry to say this. It’s a pretty basic ETF to NOT have in an ETF-only provider platform - considering there are only two passive equity weighting styles - the market cap weighted and the equal weighted. Can InvestEngine please prioritize this? Or please provide an outer time limit to get this done so some of us can at least track it.

IE Team, any word on the Equal Weight S&P500? It is a vital market opportunity to invest in a non market cap weighted approach now. Please can you respond with a timeline?

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Quite - especially when @Paul_M seems to have completely forgotten about this thread when he recently replied to what’s now the third request for Equal Weights. Oh yes he says, we’ll look into it…

Should just have been done when I asked, it’s a glaring omission.

But as with the delays in transactions, Invest Engine are really good at…Looking into it!